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Atlas Roofing Corp. Products

Atlas Roofing

Category: Insulation
Atlas Roofing
Subcategory: Rigid Board
Material: Foam

All products in the Atlas ACFoam® Polyiso Roof Insulation line are closed-cell, rigid foam board, flat or tapered insulation.

Category: Roofing
Atlas Roofing
Subcategory: Underlayment & Sheathing
Material: Engineered, Peel & Stick, Synthetic

Atlas roll roofing and felt underlayments are manufactured to ensure easy installation, flawless performance and peace of mind.

Atlas Roofing
Subcategory: Shakes/Shingles, Shingles
Material: Fiberglass, Organic, Polymer
Type: 3-Tab, Architectural

These tough, high-performance shingles from Atlas will keep your home looking elegant, no matter the weather conditions.